I see many people for a variety of issues, but most of them have anxiety and/or depression in common as symptoms.  Most people have some anxiety and/or depression at least periodically.  When the symptoms are becoming more noticeable to yourself and starting to possibly control your life, this is when you need to get help (sooner is better, but getting help is a strength all its own).  Anxiety and depression can be organic or situational and sometimes a person has no idea why they are feeling anxious or depressed.  It seems obvious that if someone is going through grief they might be depressed, but often people aren’t able to put it all together.  People don’t want to feel anxious or depressed, so they may deny it or feel they can “handle it” for a long time before they finally concede that, maybe talking to a therapist/counselor may be helpful.  There are many ways to treat anxiety and depression.  Medication is an option, but so are many other holistic tools.

Substance abuse of alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) often cause people to have more anxiety and depression.  Usually, they had anxiety and depression and possibly started using to help cope with the anxiety and depression.  It can often be a vicious cycle that continues to escalate as the alcohol or drugs tend to work less and less to help with the anxiety and depression.

Clients often come in just to talk.  Many people are uncomfortable talking about certain topics with others, so they will come in “just to talk” and help them learn to think about things in a different “light”.

The important part is that if you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, get help.  It is not worth suffering.  You are worth more than that!

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