The Department of Transportation (DOT) requires that any employee who falls under any of the DOT modalities such as FMSCA (truck drivers), FAA (Airplane associated), FTA (busses), FRA (Railroad), PHMSA (Pipeline, Hazardous Waste), and the Coast Guard, MUST have a Substance Abuse Assessment a completed by a Qualified Substance Abuse Professional if they have a positive drug or alcohol test whether it be on their physical, pre-employment, random, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, or follow up drug test.

All employees who have tested positive must be seen by a SAP a minimum of two times: assessment and follow up.  Allow 2 hours for an assessment session and 60 minutes for a follow up session.

The fee is $600—which must be paid at the time of service unless other arrangements have been approved by the SAP prior to the initial appointment.  Often, an employer will agree to be billed and pay for the employee’s assessment, etc…this needs to be verified with the employer before the employee can be seen.

My biggest question received is usually, “why does this cost so much?”  My response is the following:    DOT requires a minimum of many things.  The list is not inclusive, but an assessment includes psychosocial assessment, depression screening, mental status exam, and a substance abuse screening.  Case management and paperwork for/with the employer is required.  The employee MUST be referred for education or treatment to another provider as the SAP cannot provide these services.  This is a DOT requirement.  Almost everything the SAP does is required by DOT to help the employee be able to return to work in a regulated services position.

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Non-DOT clients:

Some employers have non-DOT employees that they want to refer.  I charge $300 for the assessment and I still allow 2 hours for it.  They must pay at the time of the visit.  Billing available as stated above.