Relationship/Couple’s Marriage Counseling:

Being with another person can be really difficult.  We love them, and yet, sometimes we aren’t even sure we like them.  Divorce often seems like the easy way out.  It’s not easy in any way and it rarely leaves either partner feeling satisfied or happy.  I like to work with couples to help them learn or re-learn how to communicate.  The bottom line is learning to fight fair, communicate with respect, rebuild trust, and get to the issues that have caused the couple to feel the need to seek help in the first place.   Once many of these values are back in place, we can work on re-learning to show love and find out how our partner likes us to show them they are loved.

I also find it helpful for couples to come in BEFORE things turn so bad that one or both has sought out a lawyer.  There are many tools to be used to help couple’s keep the “spark” in their marriage even if there doesn’t seem like enough time in a day/week to even get a kiss good-bye.  It just depends on how important the relationship is and what a couple is willing to do to keep the relationship together.