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I customize each presentation or training to fit the needs of my customer/client.

The Art of Communication

Workshops focus on verbal, non-verbal and written communication skills. They teach attendees how to resolve low to mid-level conflicts. Other topics that are covered are team building, handling office gossip, sexual harassment, mobbing, and many other possible variations that would meet your organization’s needs.

Subtopics Include:

  • Dealing with Angry Customers
  • Toxic employee’s 101

Conflict in the Workplace

Along with educating attendants of things to look for at work in order to prevent violence, this training focuses on responding to crisis at work. The role of Phelps Consulting & Training, LLC in helping with crisis situations is addressed. Attendants will be able to understand the impact of violence in the workplace and what they can do to prevent violent situations. Additionally, attendants will be able to recognize and manage violent employees and situations, as well as report threats of violence.

Workplace Violence

Dealing with angry workers has become a very scary problem in recent years. Many companies have employees who want to carry weapons to the workplace “just in case”. This training teaches employees what preventative measures they can take to help with their personal safety. It also addresses the very real domestic violence issues that end up in the workplace.

Stress Management at Work

As we all know, stressors from home and the workplace tend to overlap. In these trainings, employees will learn relaxation techniques, how to deskercise to relieve stress, how to prevent burnout, cope with change, learn to laugh appropriately at work, and even customize the stress to sales people, traveling employees, and managers.

Subtopics Include:

  • Time Management
  • Creating Balance in Your Life
  • Finding Time to Escape
  • Controlling the Pressures in Your Life
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Dealing with Procrastination

Drug & Alcohol Awareness

Developed to promote alcohol and substance abuse awareness for supervisors, employees, and their families. It helps supervisors and employees to recognize symptoms of usage. Discussions on the effects on the family and the workplace. DOT compliance is taught for those companies that have to follow federal regulations. It also teaches supervisors “Reasonable Suspicion” awareness and the process to report someone they believe may have a substance abuse problem. Trainings are presented by a certified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP).


  • Mandatory 2 hour Initial Supervisor Training
  • 1 hour annual – State of Iowa regulations


  • 1 hour or longer if desired

Building Positive Relationships

Whale Done! Approach: Redirecting Employee Positively

We all want to perform to the best of our abilities and, in order to be successful, we need to rely on and work with others to be productive and achieve results. The Whale Done! Interactive Training program will teach participants how to build positive relationships in order to become more productive, achieve greater results, and create an environment at work where you are genuinely excited about the work you are doing. It will also give participants step-by- step instructions on how to “Redirect employees positively”.

Team Building

Interactive training environment. Drives participants to apply new skills to the work environment. Skills that will improve productivity and enhance the corporate culture. Benefits: Cohesive team building/creation, enhanced problem solving, heightened creativity, increased multidirectional communication, reduced employee “churn”, improved morale.