What is and why do people seek therapy/counseling?

Therapy is the ability to talk with an objective, professionally trained person who can listen to whatever you need to tell them.

Clients often come in just to talk. Many people are uncomfortable talking about certain topics with others, so they will come in “just to talk” and help them learn to think about things in a different “light”.

The important part is that if you or someone you know is struggling emotionally, get help. It is not worth suffering. You are worth more than that!

Who I See?

Individuals (ages 23 and older) and Couple’s (Same sex or heterosexual)

Reason People Come To See Me?

Depression, Anxiety, Grief, Substance abuse, shame/guilt, work related issues

Lost on their life journey, help with spiritual guidance (belief in holistic health)

People come to my office for a variety of topics.  Many are just lost and aren’t sure where to turn in this “crazy” world we live in.  The most common symptoms are anxiety and depression.  Many people do not even realize that they have these symptoms “going on”.  I try to help people take back some control of their life and work on finding emotional connections with themselves, their partners, families and even people they see at work every day.  Life is hard, but I try to help make some sense of it through usual therapy/counseling practices, but also but trying holistic methods where possible.

There Are Many Ways To Treat Anxiety & Depression.

Medication is always an option, but not always the first option.  I work with client to use other “tools” to help them learn to manage their own symptoms, if possible.  I can also help clients get referred to a doctor or psychiatrist if that is needed.

Substance Abuse.

Substance abuse of alcohol or drugs (legal or illegal) often cause people and their families to have more anxiety and depression.  Usually, they had anxiety and depression and possibly started using to help cope with the anxiety and depression.  It can often be a vicious cycle that continues to escalate as the alcohol or drugs tend to work less and less to help with the anxiety and depression.

I can help refer clients to a higher level of treatment, if needed, or work with them and/or their families individually to help them find support systems and find tools to help them stop the abuse.

Fees & Insurance Questions

Private pay:  $175;  60 minute session-Individual and couples

SAPs-See Qualified SAP

Insurance: Copays due at time of session

Insurance, I am in-network with the following providers:

  • Wellmark/Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • United Health Care/URM
  • Health Alliance
  • Cigna
  • Sanford Health Plan
  • Quad City Health Coalition
  • Tri-Care
  • Iowa Total Care

EAPs: I currently see client through the following EAPs

  • New Directions
  • Optum
  • Corp Care
  • Personal Assistance Services (PAS)
  • Best Care
  • FEI
  • Cigna
  • All in One Health
  • EFR

If you do not see your companies EAP, give them a call and see if they are willing to add me as a provider.

 I do also see clients with out-of-network providers, but it is on a case-by-case basis.

I would encourage you to check with your provider for coverage of mental health/behavioral health, copays and deductibles. Copays due at time of service.

Questions to ask:
-Does my health insurance cover mental/behavioral health?
-Do I have a copy for mental health services? If so, what is it?
-Do I have a deductible? If so, what is it and have I met it yet?
-Does my plan limit the number of sessions per the calendar year? If so, what is the limit?